Portable solution for full-cycle on-site water treatment

OptySun makes water
on the spot for the least price

  • Purifies water anywhere (in the field)
  • 99.9% bacteria out
  • No consumables
  • 5x daily water intakes in 30 min
  • Able to work with solar panels
  • Portable (can be carried by one person)

How it works?

Move the filter onto the spot

Fill in water

Put it in the sun and press “Start”

Get 9 liters of water in 30 min

Our product solves the problem of stable and free access to clean

It is safe drinking water for groups of people in locations with destroyed infrastructure or broken logistics for both civilian and military purposes.

Now it is especially relevant for Ukraine.

Value proposition

Lab prototype

3 active patents in Ukraine

Ready filter (coming soon…)

Bottle for disinfection and extending the shelf life of safe drinking water

Personal disinfecting water bottle for multiple use/storage of drinking water

    → Increases storage time up to 10x

    → Saves 50 kg  of plastic annually

    → Disinfects water in 15 minutes

First bottles

3 active patents in Ukraine

Start of sales (coming soon…)

OptySun innovative product empowers you to overcome the challenge of finding clean drinking water, wherever you may be.

With our bottle, you can take control of your health and well-being by purifying water in the most efficient way possible.

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We are a team of researchers, so it is important for us to acquire competencies from the business component, especially sales, networking and experience to obtain funding, because we are a hardware startup and have a high financial threshold to enter the market.




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