It’s great to meet you! We are a team of co-founders at OptySun, and we’re on a mission to bring clean water to everyone.

We want to make sure that people always have access to safe, clean water, no matter what. That’s why we’re working on creating individual and group solutions that can make life easier for people like you.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about what we do!

OptySun bottle

Bottle for disinfection and extending the shelf
life of safe drinking water

OptySun filter

Portable solution for full-cycle on-site
water treatment

Our mission

OptySun team wants to inspire a positive shift in water
consumption culture, promoting ecological practices
that benefit both the environment and public health.
We strive to drive progress in business and science
and contribute to developing our country – Ukraine.

Co-founder team


Managed to increase business
during covid by 3 times


5 successful designs for social projects overseen by the government in Kharkiv city


Head of university R&D center,
5 successful projects in 2 years

We truly appreciate the hard work our team  has put in to make it a success. Through market research, we have learned a lot about what our customers need and want. It’s with great pride that we share our solution with the world, and we are committed to continuously improving and growing our offerings.

Latest news

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We are a team of researchers, so it is important for us to acquire competencies from the business component, especially sales, networking and experience to obtain funding, because we are a hardware startup and have a high financial threshold to enter the market.




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UA 61007

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