Purifies water anywhere (in the field)
99.9% bacteria out
No consumables
5x daily water intakes in 30 min
Able to work with solar panels
Portable (can be carried by one person)

OptySun offers a fully autonomous and portable solution for people who find themselves without drinking water

All that is required for its operation is the presence of water of any quality and access to sunlight or a source of electricity. Complete absence of consumable parts and chemicals. The principle of operation is based on a combination of several technologies – ozone, ultraviolet and physical.

Device can purify water under almost any conditions. Kills 99.9% of bacteria without chemical influence. Does not require consumables. Provides 5 daily servings of water every 30 minutes.

How it works

Fill in water

Put it in the sun and press “Start”

Wait 30 min

9L pure water

A few things about OptySun

About our startup

The founders of the startup, Roman and Bohdan, have been dealing with disinfection problems for a long time, but realizing the problem of the lack of drinking water, they added to the team and focused their efforts on R&D, so that in two months we have a working and tested laboratory prototype.

What is new in our idea?

Our idea is innovative, which is confirmed by a patent and consists in the combined use of several cleaning and disinfection agents: membrane filter, UV, ozone. Unique design solutions and cyclic processing make it possible to obtain a synergistic effect, which significantly reduces energy consumption and increases the efficiency of disinfection.

What is our motivation?

There is a war in Ukraine now! Our team is from Kharkiv, a city in the immediate vicinity of the front line, partly in huge destruction. And one of the most important problems is the lack of free access to safe drinking water. We are scientists and volunteers, we want to provide an adequate solution to this problem first in Ukraine, and then throughout the world!

The mass introduction and use of our product reduces logistics costs by up to 40%

Our solution is a portable drinking water purifier that kills 99% of bacteria. That is, our product in no way affects the environment of any climate zone or ecological status and can solve the problem of access to clean drinking water for 9M people (UA market).

Our vision also includes helping to solve a global problem by creating online statistics on the consumption and quality of drinking water in all locations where our product is used.

Our product solves the problem of stable and free access to clean

It safe drinking water for groups of people in locations with destroyed infrastructure or broken logistics for both civilian and military purposes. Now it is especially relevant for Ukraine.

Globally, a quarter of the entire population of the Earth faces this problem.


Bottled water
Sorption devices/caps
Removal of metals and imputrities
No spends needed on regular transportation

Water helps body:

To keep a normal temperature and lubricate and cushion joints.

To protect spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.

To get rid of wastes through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements.

We are always glad to cooperate!

We will try to answer your letter quickly.

Our Team

Bohdan Vorobiov


CEO, PhD, R&D of electronic devices, project management

8 years

Roman Tomashevskiy


COO & CRDO, Doctor of science, biomed & successful certification experience

15 years

Polina Kravtsova

CMO, corp style designer, graphic designer

3 years 

Dmytro Portianko

CTO, HW and SW R&D, project engineer

4 years

Kateryna Likhno

CFO, accounting and financial management experience

3 years

Nazar Kolodiuk

Software Developer

2 years

Latest news

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Today we would like to share with you that we have become the fourth of 12 teams to represent Ukraine at CES 2023 12 winners of the competition get the opportunity to exhibit product at Eureka Park as part of the Ukraine Startup pavilion. We are […]

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We are a team of researchers, so it is important for us to acquire competencies from the business component, especially sales, networking and experience to obtain funding, because we are a hardware startup and have a high financial threshold to enter the market.


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